Episode #5: Rewiring The Mind For Wellness, Greater Confidence, & Personal Success


In this episode, I am joined by Nancy McKay who is a Life Coach out of Lakewood, Colorado. Together we will be taking a deep dive into the topic of Rewiring Your Mind For Wellness, Greater Confidence, and Life Success.

Nancy’s life experiences of growing up in an alcoholic household, being sober for over ten years herself, and an ovarian cancer survivor give her a unique perspective on becoming empowered to heal later in life. When she isn’t busy building her business and helping her clients face their challenges, she spends a great deal of time with horses, honing her skills to become an Equus Coach, and providing her clients with multiple resources for healing and growth.

In our interview, Nancy and I answer some BIG questions around rewiring the mind for wellness and personal success such as:

  • How does one overcome fear and self-doubt?

  • Why are change and transition so challenging and what are some tools that you can implement in order to better navigate?

  • What are the steps needed to rewire the mind for wellness, greater joy, and personal success?

  • And so much more!

You can reach Nancy at nancy@amazingoutlookcoaching.com or visit her website: www.amazingoutlookcoaching.com