Who I Am & How I Work

Jennifer Ellis-Schuetz MSc, Functional Health Practitioner & Personal Success/Mind-Body Coach

Me and my pup executive officer & sidekick, tader! :)

Me and my pup executive officer & sidekick, tader! :)

Hello and welcome! I am so happy you that you are exploring all avenues to restoring your health & vitality and that you found my website. My inspiration for this work was catalyzed by my own LONG journey to heal from Chronic Lyme & Company / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome while trying to maintain a highly stressful high school teaching career and the burnout syndrome that ensued.

But, I ultimately DID find solutions and I transformed my health & life! I now help others to do the same.

My top priority is to foster a supportive and collaborative relationship with you.  From here, I help you to unravel your health and/or life challenges by correctly identifying and addressing core causes, not simply managing symptoms.

My husband and I walking the beach in clearwater fl.

My husband and I walking the beach in clearwater fl.

While addressing bio-chemical imbalances is critical, I understand that a truly effective health restoration program must go way beyond this.  Because of this, I help you to identify and address all factors (body, mind, and spirit) that converged to create the “perfect storm” that lead to your current challenges.

I implement functional lab testing and bio-energetic assessments, a wide array of mind-body healing modalities, mindset/mind-body coaching, and I provide comprehensive education on how to get well and stay well.

Additionally, my functional health practice is 100% online so if we work together, it will be from the comfort of your own home and from anywhere in the world via virtual, video conferencing.

I Will Help You To…

What Is My Signature Approach? How Do We Accomplish The Above?

Why Work With Me?

  • I have diverse, formal training and professional experience in: Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®, Counseling, Psychology, Education, Holistic Health and Nutrition, Brain Health & Neurosciences, Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching, Mind-Body Medicine, and Neurosculpting® (a method for unraveling subconscious programming).

  • I have walked the walk! I can relate to your pain and challenges.  I have first-hand experience with losing my vitality to often disabling chronic illness and all the loss and life challenges that come with it.

  • I have personal experience with RESTORING my health and TRANSFORMING my life.  I will teach you to do the same! 

What Do Others Say?

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 Transform Your Health and Life!

Does any of this resonate with you?  Are you ready to dig deep and get to the root causes of what is blocking your vitality? Are you ready to take charge of your own healing, commit to extreme self-care, and reclaim your life?  

If so, then please click button below to learn more about us working together!