We Specialize in Working With Those That:

  • push hard to "keep it together" on the outside; but are greatly struggling on the inside.
  • are desperate for change and want to address root causes of ongoing health issues; particularly chronic fatigue and digestive conditions.
  • have experienced significant loss in their personal and professional lives due to chronic health challenges.
  • are motivated to heal, ready to invest in themselves, and willing to make necessary lifestyle changes.
  • are fed up with going from doctor to doctor, bandaid approaches, and taking toxic drugs to manage symptoms.
  • realize that healing takes time and there are no "quick fixes".
  • understand that healing the mind and spirit is just as important as healing the body.
  • are interested in working in close partnership with functional health practitioners who can provide mentorship, guidance, and a step-by-step plan that takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Who We Are and What We Do

Jennifer Ellis-Schuetz & Todd Erb, Functional Health Practitioners

 Jennifer Ellis-Schuetz, BS, MS, FDN-P, CTNC

Jennifer Ellis-Schuetz, BS, MS, FDN-P, CTNC

Hello and welcome! We are so happy you that you exploring all avenues to healing and that you found our website. We share a philosophy about holistic healthcare and our inspiration for this work was catalyzed by our own struggles with long-term, complex chronic illness.   

Our top priority is to foster a supportive and collaborative relationship with you.  From here, we help you to unravel your health challenges by correctly identifying and addressing all root causes, not simply managing symptoms.

We fully understand that restoring one’s health and reclaiming one’s life from the grips of complex health challenges can be an overwhelming undertaking.  Because of this, we remove the guesswork, investigate the core causes of your challenges, and guide and support you through a step-by-step process. 



We use only the most relevant, non-invasive and state-of-the-art functional and bio-energetic assessments, a wide array of healing modalities, and we provide comprehensive education on how to get well and stay well. While addressing bio-chemical imbalances is critical, we understand that a truly effective dis-ease reversal program must go way beyond this. 

Because of this, we help you to identify and address all factors (body, mind, and spirit) that converged to create the “perfect storm” that lead to your current health challenges. 

Additionally, our functional health practice is 100% online so if you choose to work with us, either as an individual NES Bio-Energetix client or in our group program, you will do so from the comfort of your own home via Zoom Video Conferencing.

Our Philosophy

While addressing bio-chemical imbalances is critical, we understand that a truly effective dis-ease reversal program must go way beyond this.  Because of this, we help you to identify and address all factors (body, mind, and spirit) that converged to create the “perfect storm” that lead to your current health challenges.

Considering our role as health detectives we begin with a comprehensive Discovery Session where we review all relevant health-related records, your full life history, and all current lifestyle patterns.  From here, we combine the bio-chemistry of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® and the physics of NES Bio-Energetics with the art and psychology of Wellness, Lifestyle, Neurosculpting®, and Mind-Body Coaching to reveal healing opportunities and ultimately open the pathways to health.  Additionally, we provide comprehensive, step-by-step education on how to get well and stay well. 

Team Work Approach!

We work as a team when it comes to client cases.  If you become a client of Empowered To Heal, you will have consults with each of us at different times. On occasion, you may even have both of us in the same consult.   This way, clients get to benefit from both of our unique skill sets and personalities.   Having both of us in the same consult depends on if a situation warrants it and if scheduling allows for it to happen.   If a client has a preference for one of us over the other then special requests can be made but we can't promise that you will always have the same practitioner.  We will do our best to honor special requests.  Special requests to have us both in on consults, outside of us choosing to do so on our own, will incur additional consulting fees.  

There are no “magic bullet answers” out there. We know! We both searched the world high and low for them; and invested big bucks in several of them. Restoring one’s health requires correctly identifying all health blocking factors and removing the interference so the body can do the rest. This is what we did for ourselves and we will help you to do the same.

We Will Help You To:

Why Work With Us?

  • Between us, we have diverse, formal training and professional experience in: Functional Medicine, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®, Counseling, Psychology, Education, Holistic Health and Nutrition, Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching, Mind-Body Medicine, and Neurosculpting® (a method for reprogramming the brain).
  • We have walked the walk! We can relate to your pain and challenges.  We have first-hand experience with long-term, and often disabling chronic illness and all the loss that comes with it.

  • We have personal experience with digging our way out of chronic illness.  We will teach you to do the same! 

  • We are VERY confident with the approach we both took and continue to take to restore our own health.

  • We now implement this same approach in our work with clients.

What Do Others Say?

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Take Your Spirit Back and Transform Your Life!

Does any of this resonate with you?  Are you ready to dig deep and get to the root causes of your ongoing health issues? Are you ready to take charge of your own healing, commit to extreme self-care, and reclaim your life?  

If so, then please join us by clicking the button below to learn more about how to get the ball rolling on your healing journey.