Episode #4: Restoring Gut Health With Inner-Eco


Today's episode is all about gut health and how the 100% food-based probiotic, Inner-Eco, can help you optimize yours!

Joining me in today's interview is Barb Vogel, co-owner of Inner-Eco.

Inner-Eco was started in 2008 by Barb and her business partner Niki Price, both former elementary school teachers in Denver, with the desire to create healthy products and to provide humanitarian services globally and locally.

The duo knew that if the fresh coconut water probiotic worked for them, it could work for others. They believe in bringing real food with clean ingredients to families of all sizes in order to create the necessary pure environments our bodies deserve.

Their ultimate mission is to be the champion of healthy, happy environments starting from the inside out. Barb and Niki are here to build better environments – for our guts and for fellow citizens of planet earth.

For the last 10 years, a portion of Inner-Eco profits has gone toward freeing enslaved individuals around the world. Barb and Nicki believe that keeping your gut bacteria in a healthy balance is key for overall happiness.

In our discussion together, Barb and I address the following questions:

  • What makes Inner Eco different from other probiotic products on the market?

  • What is the process involved in making these probiotics?

  • Why is gut health and maintaining a healthy gut microbiome SO important?

  • Why are digestive diseases and chronic health challenges, in general, such an epidemic?

  • What role do Inner Eco probiotic products play in helping to maintain or restore a healthy microbiome?

  • What conditions benefit the most from Inner Eco probiotic products?

  • What is the recommended dosage and how are these products stored?

  • Are there any contraindications that people need to be aware of or situations where one would need to start out with super low dosages and slowly titrate up versus following recommended doses on the bottle?

  • Where can people find these products / how do they purchase?

To learn more, visit: https://www.inner-eco.com/