Episode #1: I've Tried So Hard To Get Well, Nothing Seems To Work. Now What!?


In this episode, I’m joined by my guest and fellow holistic health and wellness professional, Carrie LaDue.

Carrie is an intuitive energy healer and personal coach for people who are struggling mentally, emotionally, physically, or financially. She helps her clients release trapped emotions and correct energetic imbalances so that they can achieve their fullest potential.

She is also a business coach for healers and coaches who struggle to grow their businesses. She helps them get clients so that they can continue doing work aligned to their purpose, serve their clients deeply, and create the financial freedom they desire.

In our discussion, Carrie and I take a deep dive into a question that is commonly asked by those struggling with chronic health and/or life challenges, and that question is:

“I’ve tried so hard to get well yet nothing seems to be working! What now?”

In discussing this question we uncover:

  • Primary reasons why it is so common for people to get trapped within chronic illness and life challenge ruts

  • Common mental and emotional roadblocks that often greatly contribute to this vicious cycle

  • The missing components within both conventional and holistic health care settings when it comes to helping people recover their vitality from chronic health challenges

  • And most importantly, tips, strategies, and actionable steps you can take to break free from destructive patterns that are keeping you stuck and ultimately create the conditions in both your body and your life for vibrant health and personal success to follow

You can connect with Carrie at https://www.dgcoachinghealing.com/