Intro Episode: From Chronic Illness Hell To Hope, Healing, & Transformation

In this debut episode, I present the following:

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  • A summary of my long, winding journey with complex, chronic health challenges and the resulting life chaos that ensued

  • The evolution and transformation that I've gone through and continue to go through in my personal and professional life as a result of this journey

  • The framework for deep healing that I ultimately discovered and implemented that led to my incredible recovery and that inspired and continues to inspire the work I now do

  • The biggest and most important lesson I learned, of which now serves as the backbone for my Functional Health and Transformational Coaching online practice where I guide others in the process of restoring their physical, mental, and emotional health, being the best versions of the themselves, and creating a life of joy, passion, and purpose

The background music used in this podcast is an original piece created by Mark Orton at