Harnessing the Power of Neuroplasticity to Overcome Chronic Illness: NeurOptimal

Game Changer For The Central Nervous System


In today's fast-paced, LED lit, and technologically driven world we live in, it is easy to understand how one's CNS (central nervous system) becomes easily overwhelmed. Throw in some rough life occurrences such as losing a loved one, the stress of an overbearing/toxic job or relationship, and some hidden water damage and you have the perfect recipe for one stressed out, hairline-triggered person with little to no ability to properly regulate mental and emotional states; thus paving the way for chronic health challenges to ensue. 

From this space, one is easily frustrated by daily life events, often succumbs to destructive thinking patterns, and finds themselves overtaken by painful emotional states such as anger, resentment, and despair.  These states of being not only prime the body for illness but they also make healing one's life from the grips of chronic health challenges difficult if not impossible. 

This was me just 8 years ago.  I had no understanding of how I arrived at such a frazzled, roller coaster-like state of being but I definitely knew something was wrong - and I was deep within the trenches of Fibromylagia and CFS.   I even used to call my body a "meatsuit" that I was just riding in for the time being.  I would often joke about looking toward the future where maybe one day I'd have the opportunity to trade my broken "meatsuit" in for a brand new one! Now, of course, all of this was in jest.

The reality is, however, that we are not able to trade our "meatsuits" in for new ones nor "download" calmer states of consciousness into into our minds the way we would a software program into our computers.  Because of this, it becomes imperative to our health to implement modalities and techniques that allow us to harness the power of neuroplasticity.  By tapping into the healing capacity of neuroplasticity, we arm ourselves with the ability to re-write destructive and health blocking "scripts" that our nervous systems may be "reading" from.  It is scripts such as "I am doomed to be sick forever" or "The Universe is against me" that hijack the present moment, trigger the stress response system inappropriately, and ultimately keep us stuck in a vicious stress-pain-illness cycle.   

Fortunately, there are a wide array of strategies and tools available which can help us to "reprogram" our minds and thus nervous systems to new, more nourishing ways of responding to the world around us.  By doing so, we can prune back the neurological networks that are reinforcing patterns of illness and entrain our minds to rehearse new scripts - scripts that will allow our biochemistries and bio-fields to return to a state of coherence and health.   One such tool/modality is a very cool exponential tech system known as NeurOptimal. 

Brain Hacking With NeurOptimal

In just 5 weeks of experimenting with this system, I have already experienced some profound shifts which have helped me shed more layers of destructive patterns from my nervous system.  This process is often described as "defragging" your mind, similar to what you would do with a hard drive of a computer, and that description is spot on.  Check out my review and hear the bio-feedback while I describe my experience with this incredible neuro-hacking tool in the video below. 


To recap here is a quote from NeurOptimal:

"Every time you use NeurOptimal® your brain receives information about what it has just done, microsecond by microsecond.  It works with you wherever you are in that instant.  So there is never any evaluation to do ahead of time, no decisions to make and no settings to change. You don’t have to worry about doing anything wrong, and neither can you overtrain.  If your brain gets tired it just ignores the information, just as you might ignore a television that is on in the background.  Safe, and effective." 

I hope you enjoyed this review!  Stay tuned for future reviews of many more amazing technological advancements that are revolutionizing health and making it more and more possible for people to overcome complex, chronic health conditions.