Decrease Overwhelm, Organize Your Mind, & Create The Conditions for Health & Success!

Is This You!?


Is the process of trying to get well and/or healing your life further exhausting you versus moving you forward? …to the point where you want to say “F this! I give up!” most days? Do you try to read and learn about new ways to help yourself only to feel more confused, overwhelmed, and left screaming “I have no clue where to even begin!” or “this is utterly impossible!”

If you are reading this article then chances are likely that you or somebody you love has hit the skids and is feeling extremely overwhelmed and possibly hopeless because of health struggles, major life challenges, or both!?

You Are Not Alone! You Are Not Crazy!

I can surely relate to this level of burnout mode as I spent upwards of 15 years living in an increasing state of survival as I attempted to navigate serious health issues in tandem with major life stress! I was caught in a vicious web of trying SO hard to heal my body & my life yet with each passing year, instead of moving forward, I fell deeper and deeper into an abyss of worsening health, marital strife, family upheaval, and unsurmountable job-related distress!

By 2012 my body & mind reached the end of their ropes and I crashed hardcore into a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual break down that forced me to retreat from society for a long while. I was DONE!! TOAST! Totally FRIED!! At this point, I had two options. Option #1 was to give up and resign to a life of worsening health, disability, and quite possibly an early death. Option #2 was to allow this breakdown to serve as the catalyst I needed to finally take charge of my health & life once and for all.

When Life Sucks We All Have 2 Choices!

After several months of mostly laying in bed and dwelling on how broken I was, I finally grew sick of wallowing in despair and ultimately chose Option #2. And, in early 2013 I set the intention to heal my life once and for all!! My mind was made up and I was motivated (despite very low energy reserves) but…I was totally overwhelmed and bogged down with tons of emotional baggage.

Because of my studies of functional and mind-body medicine to this point, I had a solid understanding of all the things I needed to do in order to heal my body and my life but I did not know where to start! And, the brain fog and wrenching fatigue made small, seemingly “easy” tasks feel like immense undertakings that would typically cause me to crash to some degree. This said, my FIRST step was to find ways to simmer my stress response and organize myself for the journey in front of me; which I knew was going to challenge me to the core.

In light of my experiences, I now greatly empathize with others whose health and lives are “in the river sticks"." Now that I have regained my vitality, healed my life, and have a successful functional health consulting practice, I desire to use my story to be a guide, support, and inspiration to others on a similar trajectory.

Watch the video below to learn about my top strategies for decreasing overwhelm, organizing your mind, and ultimately creating an environment in your body and in your life for health and success to occur!

I would LOVE to know your thoughts on this and if it resonated with you! And, are you finally READY to take charge of your own health but feel utterly overwhelmed and feel you need a guide on the journey? Would you love to work with a practitioner that truly UNDERSTANDS THE STRUGGLE and knows what is required to dig out of it!? If so, then let’s chat in an initial FREE consult.