A Missing Link In Many Functional-Based Health Restoration Programs

Hindsight Truly is 20/20!


As Todd and I both look back on our journeys with unraveling complex, chronic illness (long before we met each other), we can now clearly see that we were missing half the equation.  Despite HUGE and NECESSARY biochemically-based efforts in the form of diet & lifestyle changes, detoxing, pathogen eradication, etc., we were able to move the needle forward in some areas of our healing yet remained very stuck in other areas; particularly when it came to mindset and emotional healing.  At the time neither of us had reached a high enough level of consciousness to embrace this aspect of healing nor had the knowledge to implement it.  

A Partnership and Signature Approach Is Formed! 

In September 2017 the Universe must have known that we both had evolved to a higher level of consciousness and were ready and willing to implement bio-energetics into both our life journeys and our work as functional health practitioners.   At this time is when we met at a Bio-Energetics Practitioner Training Conference on the shores of Clearwater, Florida. 

We both knew the other was attending the conference but we had no other connection to beyond some casual correspondence via the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® practitioner Facebook forum.  We met at the registration booth the morning the conference started and were inseparable the rest of the weekend. 

What started out to be solely plans to join forces in a podcast to help support the growth of our respective health practices soon transformed into the decision to form a partnership, functional health practice that combined state-of-the-art functional labs, functional health interventions, bio-energetics, and mindset/personal success coaching into a signature approach to help others heal their lives from the grips of chronic health challenges and reach their full potential.  

To date, we have spent a significant amount of time talking about the testing we use and the various functional health interventions we implement to help address bio-chemical imbalances but we have not spent near enough time helping our followers understand the role that bio-energetics plays in the journey and exactly why we feel it is the missing half of the equation.  I have been wanting to create a short and sweet synopsis of bio-energetics to help others understand the amazing benefits of this healing modality for a long while now but kept allowing other tasks to be more of a priority.  Today I finally decided to force myself to sit down and write it!  So here it is! I hope that by reading this "nutshell version" you gain a better understanding of how this may be an integral component missing in your own health and life journey.  

 Bio-Energetics in a Nutshell! Particle Versus Wave

  • All cells (which are particles) within the body generate electromagnetic energy (waves) which interact and communicate with all other cells as well as the surrounding environment - both the environment inside the body and the world around us.  A key point to remember here is that "While genetics may load the gun, environment pulls the trigger."  The electromagnetic frequencies that we generate play a significant role in influencing our environment and vice versa.  Basically everything in life is interconnected!  
  • Cells continuously emit and respond to oscillations and vibrations of other cells.
  • There is a distinct difference between the oscillation and vibrational pattern of healthy versus diseased cells. 
  • The structure, function, and vibrational frequency of a cell burdened with harmful substances such as pathogenic microbes, environmental toxins, mental/emotional toxins and unresolved trauma, foreign proteins etc., will undoubtedly have a distorted vibration when compared to a healthy cell.
  • If a cell is in a good health its signal will be harmonious and resonate in a free manner with other cells.  If a pathogen (toxin, virus, parasite, emotional toxin, etc) attacks a cell then the signal coming from the cell becomes distorted. The distortions within the electromagnetic frequencies of the cells are measured via a remote, in-home scanner and then displayed via the software in a visual manner that is logical for the human brain to understand.

How Bio-Energetics Can Help to Up-Regulate Energy Production and Support the Recovery From Challenged Health States.

  • The scan itself is therapeutic on the short-term in the fact that distorted electromagnetic frequencies are inverted and returned back to the body as therapeutic, corrective information. The corrective energetic information then helps to cancel out the distorted signals and thus stimulate the cells to oscillate in a healthier mode.

  • A bio-energetic scan uses the bio-feedback from the body to prioritize the areas in which the body needs the most support and then makes recommendations to provide that support in the form of infoceuticals. Infoceuticals are created from structured mineral water that has been imprinted with corrective, electromagnetic information that support the body’s ability to return to homeostasis.

  • All chronic health challenges; regardless of the diagnosis, are multi-faceted and rooted in imbalances of body, mind, and spirit.  I will go as far to say that I now believe with all my heart, based on my own experiences and what I have learned through countless clients, that chronic illness begins in the energetic realm before it manifests in the bio-chemical realm.  

  • The relationship between the cell (particle) and the electromagnetic frequency (wave) is bi-directional and symbiotic.  They each depend on and influence one another.  And, one would not exist without the other.  Therefore, a truly comprehensive health-restoring protocol needs to address disturbances at both the bio-energetic and bio-chemical level.  Addressing one while ignoring the other can often leave many important factors unaddressed and thus result in the ever-so-popular phenomenon that Todd and I became quite familiar with of “trying many different protocols with little to no success”.

  • A bio-energetic scan of the body enables both practitioner and client to see (in real time) the interplay between the environment, disturbances within the mind-body system / subconscious mind, and each organ system of the body.  

  • Bio-energetic applications can assist in stimulating the body’s self-healing mechanisms, produces NO harmful side effects, is most often the missing half of the equation in the journey to help jumpstart the body's innate healing intelligence, and represents the next stage in the evolution of health optimization.

If you would like to explore what a bio-energetic scan would reveal to you and how it might fit into your healing journey, you can try it out with no commitment by booking a FREE Bio-Energetic Scan Review Consult for the purchase of the in-home, remote scanner.   

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