Cracking The Code of Chronic Health & Life Challenges With The Emotion Code!

The Mind-Body Connection


The field of pyscho-neuro-immunology has long proven that our mental and emotional states of being absolutely contribute to setting the stage for and keeping people stuck within chronic states of physical & mental health issues as well as many other life challenges.  

In both my personal and professional experience, I have observed this to be true!

I also wholeheartedly believe in and embrace the importance of bio-chemical & lifestyle interventions in restoring function to the body but I do not feel they are effective as a stand-alone approach in most scenarios.  If they were, I do not feel the rates of chronic health & life challenges would be near as high as they are. 

Because it is important to me to be a cutting-edge practitioner, I continually seek new, innovative healing modalities to add to my tool box for helping myself and my clients to restore their health and reclaim their life!

In light of this, I recently completed the Emotion Code practitioner training and am eager to weave it into my work with clients within my functional health consulting practice.

What Is The Emotion Code?

To understand the Emotion Code, it is necessary to first understand the following:

  • At the most fundamental level everything in the Universe is made of energy.  

  • Energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. 

  • We are energetic/spiritual beings on a physical journey here on earth.  Our bodies generate an electromagnetic field known as the human bio-field; which radiates outside of our bodies and interacts with the bio-fields of others.

  • We have energetic highways running throughout our bodies; more commonly known as meridians where energy is transferred at the speed of light between cells and organ systems. 

  • The energetic bio-field, because of how rapid information is transferred within it, from a quantum physics point of view, is considered to be a governing force over biochemistry and physiology.

  • The thoughts we think, the intentions we set, and the emotions we feel are also energy.

  • Just as energy in nature can become trapped in various locations such as within a volcano or geyser, the energy from painful emotional states & traumatic experiences can become trapped within our bodies.

  • Trapped emotional energy within the body causes distortion within the bio-field; thus, causing disruptions within the body’s biochemistry and physiology.

  • Trapped emotional energy within the body emits a vibrational frequency that knocks the body out of homeostasis by placing stress on the autonomic nervous system, affects surrounding tissues, radiates outside the body, and because of resonance can attract people and experiences that emit the same or similar frequency.   

  • In light of this, trapped emotional energy can contribute to or manifest as physical and/or mental health challenges and various life challenges such as relationship, career, and personal success issues. 

  • Our conscious mind, which represents 10% of our mind’s power, is not aware of trapped emotional energy. Our subconscious mind, which represents the other 90% of our mind, is very aware it and the effects it is having on our health and/or our life.

  • Every experience you have had in your life is logged within your subconscious mind-body system; much the same way files are stored on the hard drive of a computer.

The Emotion Code is a modality, created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, that taps into the energetic realm of the human bio-field and the deep intelligence of the subconscious mind-body system to identify and release trapped emotional energy from the body.

When trapped, negative emotional energy is released from the body, the stress burden on the body and in a person’s life is reduced, thus creating space for more nourishing energy to flow in and balance to be restored. 

When & How Does Emotional Energy Get Trapped In The Body?

Great question! We are all born with varying degrees of stress resilience.  Part of stress resilience is being able to adequately process, move through, and release the energy of painful emotional states and traumatic experiences.  Emotional energy can become trapped in the body when:

  • The trauma is so huge or goes on for so long that it overwhelms the nervous system

  • We are run down and operating at reduced cellular energy (i.e.: vital reserves)

  • We are not living our lives from a space of integrity

  • We are not living our lives in alignment with our core values/being true to ourselves

  • We have a tendency to ruminate and worry

  • We absorb it from another person or animal due to being empathic and without stable energetic boundaries

  • It is passed onto us in utero from one of our parents

  • It is passed onto us at the time of conception from previous generations.  This is known as inherited trauma or family karma

What The Emotion Code Can and CANNOT Do!

As previously stated, the Emotion Code is a form of energy healing that taps into the intelligence of the human bio-field & subconscious mind-body system in order to identify and release trapped emotional energy that can contribute to or be a cause of health and life challenges.   

The Emotion Code CANNOT be used to:

  • diagnose, treat, or cure disease

  • predict the future or winning lottery numbers! :)

  • answer important life-changing questions such as: Should I have the brain surgery to remove this tumor? Should I leave my husband? Should I quit my job? Etc.

 What Might Cause the Emotion Code NOT To Work?

Seeing that the efficacy of the Emotion Code in helping a person to identify and release trapped emotional energy depends on the ability to connect with the energy of a person’s bio-field and subconscious mind, the following scenarios could inhibit this process:

  • If the person has no belief/faith in the process and thus creates the intention of “this is a bunch of bogus and will never work!”  Remember! Our thoughts and intentions are energy and energy creates our reality.  If your heart and mind are closed to this realm of healing, then that will be the reality you experience.

  • If the person has a spinal misalignment or is dehydrated; which both can interfere with connecting to the inner wisdom of the energetic bio-field and subconscious mind.

What Is A Heart Wall?

A heart wall is when there has been so much emotional pain that the mind-body system uses the energy of several different trapped emotions to create a protective wall around the heart.  The subconscious mind will often metaphorically “construct” the wall out of some kind of material such as wood, plastic, or metal that may or may not be symbolic in some way.

Heart walls, especially when hidden, can sometimes make it to where the subconscious mind-body system is not ready to communicate and thus connecting to the energy may be difficult or at least more challenging.  Always keep in mind, the mind-body system reveals and releases energy and heals at its own pace.

What Can I Expect After An Emotion Code Session?

Many times, NOT always, the release of trapped, emotional energy can create a healing response.  A healing response may look like the following:

  • An increase in fatigue, aches, or another physical symptom

  • Some sleeplessness

  • An increase in energy or creativity due to the release of “emotional baggage” (which would be a good thing!)

  • An “Aha” moment of some sort (which would also be a good thing!)

 Will I Need More Than One Session?

I would say it’s pretty safe to say that we have all had our fair share of heartache, adversity, and traumatic experiences in life as well as generational “baggage” to contend with.   In light of this, it is common for people to have a good amount of trapped emotional energy in their bodies.  And, the older one is, the more time he/she has had to rack up layers of trapped energy.  Per Dr. Nelson, 80% of adults have heart walls!

Additionally, we are always prone to accumulating additional trapped emotional energy; depending on what is going on in our lives.  For this reason, it is a wise idea to do a series of sessions at first in order to experience the most noticeable benefit and then do “tune up” sessions every once and awhile to keep the energetic meridians free and clear of emotional “road blocks.”

 Can This Work For Animals?

Absolutely! Animals can be adversely affected by trapped emotional energy and thus can benefit from the Emotion Code just as much as us humans can! :)

If this resonates with you and you are ready to step into a new realm of healing possibilities, let’s chat by booking an initial FREE Exploration Session below!

“A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind.”

-Albert Szent-Gyorgyi