Episode #7: How To Organize Your Mind For Personal Success


In this episode, I am joined by my friend and master life coach, Dana Baruch.

Dana is an educator of 30+ years, organizational consultant, retreat leader, community builder, and owner of Dana Baruch Coaching and Consulting.

She has had the pleasure of guiding people in every stage of life from infants to seniors. One of her guiding beliefs is: SHIFT happens!

She loves to help people and organizations set goals, get clear about their challenges, and feel motivated to make healthy and powerful changes. Dana is a student of mindfulness and weaves together these teachings and philosophies into her coaching and consulting work with individuals and groups. 

She’s a highly skilled facilitator and expert in human and group dynamics. Dana offers her work always with a sense of humor, compassion, and authenticity, creating a safe, warm, inviting environment.

You can connect with Dana at www.danabaruch.com

In our discussion, Dana and I take a deep exploration into the following points:

  • How to define what personal success means to you

  • The connection between organizing your mind, personal success, and overall physical and mental health

  • The main reasons people struggle with organizing their mind and cultivating personal success in their lives

  • Principles to live by in order to organize your mind for personal success

  • Specific tools and strategies for challenging your brain in healthy ways, organizing your mind, and creating forward movement in both your health and life

  • And so much more!