Toxic Overload Ignites the Flames of Inflammation


If you have landed on this page, there is a good chance that you may be frustrated with trying many different approaches to restore your health with little to no success.

You probably also recognize that we live in a time where toxic exposure is at an all-time high.

For starters, much of the food we eat is laden with GMO's, glyphosate, hormones, and antibiotics. The air we breath is filled with various airborne pollutants.

Indoor mold overgrowth in the buildings we live and work is becoming more prevalent.

We bet many can attest to this. I sure can, as mold in both my home and workplace played a HUGE role in both our health struggles. Sadly, it went unbeknownst to us for many years.

Furthermore, our waterways are being contaminated with industrial runoff. If that is not enough, we must also consider the fact that we are bombarded by EMF's continually. The fast-paced, technology-driven culture of our modern society is stressing our nervous systems and triggering mental/emotional distress for many.

Moreover, pathogenic microorganisms have become increasingly virulent due to the overuse of antibiotics, herbicides, and fungicides. And finally, the grave majority of the population is more sedentary than active.

Our bodies and minds are overloaded down to the cellular level! This cellular overload creates chemical interference that prevents life-force from flowing abundantly through the body, ignites the flames of inflammation, and paves the way for chronic pain and disease to take hold.

Chemical, Emotional, and Energetic Interference

Chemical, emotional, and energetic interference are at the root of many of today’s chronic health challenges. There is more and more science emerging every day that supports the role of toxic overload in creating disease.

Blood sugar irregularities, energy lapses, fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, irritability, weight gain, hormonal challenges, and more may all have toxicity at their core to varying degrees.

While the majority of toxins are invisible and seemingly innocuous, they are quite insidious and hazardous to our health.

But, toxic overload does not happen as one might think.  It is not obvious. You don’t breathe in poisonous fumes and fall to the ground, eat GMO food and instantly develop gut issues, or get stressed out at your job and suffer an immediate nervous breakdown.  

Toxins in everything from pesticides to car exhaust to mental and emotional turmoil find their way into the cells of the body and begin a gradual breakdown. At first, this breakdown may show up as subtle whispers of discomfort and lack of energy.  

As the stress cascade continues, cells continue to degrade, and the whispers often turn into screams. These screams may take the form of chronic fatigue, brain fog, chronic pain, digestive disturbances, hormone deregulation, insomnia, anxiety/depression, and the list goes on. 

Whether you are seeking to optimize, maintain, or restore your health, it is wise to implement deep, cellular detoxification and healing at some point in your journey. 

The 5 R's of Cellular Detoxification

A progressive health care practitioner can only help people restore their health and reclaim their lives if they consider toxic overload as a real epidemic.  

Long known detox methods such as doing a colon cleanse, coffee enemas, juice fasts, and taking binders or chelators certainly can have great value within healing protocols.   But, they are not enough to heal at the cellular level.  Restoring health and creating sustainable wellness at the cellular level requires implementing the 5 Rs of Detoxification:  

  • Remove the Interference

  • Regenerate the Cell Membrane

  • Restore Cellular Energy

  • Reduce Cellular Inflammation

  • Re-establish Methylation

Supporting the Body's Natural Ability to Heal Itself

Now for the excellent news. Empowered Health is now offering a groundbreaking program that combines True Cellular Detox, NES Bio-Energetics, and Comprehensive Functional Health Mentoring to address ALL aspects of chronic illness.   

This program combines approaches for releasing energy blockages with the newest science revealing our ability to alter genetic expression.

This approach to health restoration supports the underlying foundation of your body’s natural ability to heal itself, assisting you in discovering the sense of vitality, clarity, and well-being you deserve. This comprehensive program includes extensive guidance and easy to follow, well-structured educational modules of the science behind each step of cellular regeneration.

It also includes regular functional health-coaching sessions to help keep you to stay the course, remain accountable, customize the protocol for your unique needs, and troubleshoot when challenges arise.  

This program is a systemized and structured approach to help you repair your cells so you can find your way back to health and wholeness.  True Cellular Detox™ is one-of-a-kind.  It is not a limited value, "quick fix" detox program such as ten-day cleanse with miraculous claims. 

This is a fully supported transformational nutrition and lifestyle coaching program.  I’m proud to announce that Empowered To Heal Is now making this program available to clients.  

I encourage you to explore how this fantastic and comprehensive offering can be an integral component in your journey to restore your health and reclaim your life.  Every transformative journey begins with a step.

How Can I Learn More and Get Started?

The first step is to set up an initial 20-minute Exploration Call. During this consult, we will explore your desires for the future and discuss the best approach for removing the interferences that are blocking health for you. 

After a brief conversation, we, together, can determine if the True Cellular Detox™ program is right for you at this time. Please take the time to watch the short interviews below that explain how toxins can be the underlying reason you still do not feel well and have decreased vitality. 

True Cellular Detox™ Educational Videos:

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