• Would you like to redefine or renegotiate your relationship with painful memories?

  • Do you want to shift your mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns?

  • Is your stress response easily triggered, causing you to react in habitual ways that reflect a less desirable version of yourself?

  • Would you like to learn a unique self-help tool that will enable you to harness the power of neuroplasticity and positively influence your health and your life?

What is Neurosculpting?

Neurosculpting® is the combination of modern neuroscience, creative visualization, and spirituality into a client-centered, active meditative practice. 

This practice provides the framework for calming the central nervous system, up-regulating the part of the brain involved with higher functions, and creating a storehouse of supportive memories and experiences. 

These new memories can then be easily accessed during times of stress – when they are needed most.  This process helps clients to begin replacing outdated and unsupportive ways of thinking and behaving with more healthy and empowering ones. 

Neurosculpting® is also designed to be self-directed.  Once a client is taught and has a solid understanding of the basic concepts, they can easily do the process on their own. 

This makes Neurosculpting® a financially sustainable option for self-improvement.  By engaging the power of neuroplasticity, this practice allows conscious brain reshaping to help:

  • Break free of habitual patterns that perpetuate stress

  • Improve physical, mental and emotional health

  • Discover calm and cultivate greater joy

  • Clear limiting self-beliefs

  • Increase flexibility, stress resilience and creativity

  • Connect more deeply to ourselves and others

Unresolved Stress Will Cause Issues in Your Tissues!

Modern neuroscience has demonstrated that undesirable mental, emotional and behavioral patterns negatively impact the brain’s physical structure as well as the body’s physiology.  

These negative patterns often occur unconsciously, when we habitually react to stress in an unhealthy manner. Neuroscience has also shown that physical pain and emotional pain share the same neural pathways; therefore, one kind of pain drives the other.   

Negative mental and emotional states can leave a person in a perpetual state of fight or flight. 

This, in turn, will create chronic tension deep within the musculature, which also fuels the stress response – making it difficult for the body and mind to heal.  Neurosculpting® has shown to be extremely helpful in down-regulating the stress response– making it a beneficial component of a comprehensive healing protocol for chronic pain, illness, depression, anxiety, and much more.

Scientifically Grounded Practices for Personal Growth and Transformation

Beyond its ability to influence all aspects of health, Neurosculpting lends to your personal and professional pursuits and can help you manage the stressors of daily living. 

One of the most powerful effects of Neurosculpting is its impact on response and adaptation to stress.  

By learning the Neurosculpting process, you will come to understand why the brain instinctively responds to everyday stress as a threat to your survival—and how you can "rewrite the script" that your nervous system follows when stressful situations arise.

Rewire Your Brain

Neurosculpting is a structured yet creative approach for consciously reprogramming your brain for greater awareness and stress resilience.  It is a unique process that combines mindfulness, neuro-scientific principles, meditation, nutrition, and daily practical strategies to help create positive, lasting changes in the brain—and life.

Learn More by Watching These Short Videos:

Private Sessions Available!

Group Classes Also Available:

  • Mini Class (30 min)

  • Basic Class (1 hr)

  • Intro to Neurosculpting

  • Neurosculpting for Cellular Health

  • Neurosculpting through Fear

  • Neurosculpting through Grief

  • Neurosculpting to Navigate Change

  • Neurosculpting a New Money Paradigm

  • Neurosculpting Our Social World

  • Neurosculpting Through Duality

  • Neurosculpting a New Body Image

  • Neurosculpting for Leadership (4 hr)

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Classes run 2-3 hours unless otherwise indicated.

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