Continued Service Plans

(All plans below are for continued services, after the Jumpstart Your Healing Plan)

Functional Lab Investigations + In Depth Functional Health Mentoring + Transformational Coaching

The Empowered Health Signature Plans are intended for those that want/need to to take a deep dive into ALL aspects of their health & wellness and receive TONS of personalized support on the healing journey. These plans combine the science of testing & functional health interventions to help balance biochemistry with the psychology of transformational coaching and mind-body interventions to address mental & emotional barriers to healing.

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What’s Included In These Plans?

20-Session Signature Plan.jpg
12-Session Signature Plan Copy.jpg

Self-order lab fees and supplements are not included in the price of these plans.  Extra coaching sessions can be added to any of these plans in increments of 30,60 or 90 minutes at the rate of the original package purchased.

Pay Pal offers 6-months free financing to those that qualify.

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