Functional Health Mentoring Plans

(All plans below are for continued services, after the Jumpstart Your Healing Plan)

Functional Lab Investigations + In Depth Functional Health Mentoring + Transformational Coaching

The Empowered Health Signature Plans are intended for those that want/need to to take a deep dive into ALL aspects of their health & wellness and receive TONS of personalized support on the healing journey. These plans combine the science of testing & functional health interventions to help balance biochemistry with the psychology of transformational coaching and mind-body interventions to address mental & emotional barriers to healing.

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What’s Included In These Plans?

  • Review of past, relevant lab work so you and I know what has already been looked at in terms of hidden bio-chemical and physiological stressors.

  • Review of new lab investigations that are deemed most strategic for your case throughout our time working together. Lab investigations will be aimed at looking at gut health, hormone status, detoxification, immune function, and much more.

  • Personalized, step-by-step Transformational Coaching. You will receive in-depth guidance around creating healing protocols, habit change, staying on track, mindset, emotional healing, and rewiring your brain and nervous system for wellness. All coaching sessions will be face-to-face via Zoom Video Conferencing.

  • Emotion and Body Cody sessions. These are mind-body assessments and interventions that serve as additional supports to functional lab testing. These sessions will help us to tap into the power of your subconscious mind and identify and remove health blocking factors within your energy body — which is where the grand majority of health and life issues begin.

  • NES Health Bio-EnergetiX scan review sessions. This is also mind-body healing modality that will help us support your healing through the use of bio-feedback scans of your energetic body and scan-recommended infoceuticals. You will do the scans from the comfort of your home using an in-home scanner that will be sent to you. Infoceuticals are bio-energetically imprinted, structured water that contain corrective information to help support cellular regeneration and clearing of negative energies.

  • Ongoing messaging support and all behind-the-scenes time spent on your case Throughout our time working together, you will be able to send me messages and receive prompt replies. I will also spend significant time on your case outside of coaching sessions for research, planning for sessions, and post-session action step and protocol write-ups.

  • Discount on professional grade supplements. This will help support the financial outlays involved in your healing protocols.

  • A grand opportunity to transform your health and life. Our work together will provide a platform for you to not only become equipped with knowledge and an arsenal of tools to heal your physical body, but it will also provide the same for helping you transform your mindset, daily habits, and your life.

“The quality of our life and the outcomes we experience are shaped by the quality of our daily habits, our thoughts and beliefs, our self-care, and how we show up in the world.” Jen Ellis-Schuetz


  • 6-Session Plan: $2,200 with 15% discount on professional grade supplements.

  • 12-Session Plan: $3,800 with 20% discount on professional grade supplements and NES Bio-EnergetiX in-home scanner included.

  • 18-Session Plan: $5,200 with same inclusions as the 12-session plan. BEST VALUE!!

This pricing does not include the price of labs, supplements, or other recommended healing modalities. Pay Pal offers 6-months free financing to those that qualify.

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These coaching plants are intended for those needing/wanting to focus solely on mind-body and/or personal success coaching. It is also for intended for those that are looking for continued support after completing one of the Signature Plans from above. These plans are not intended for those that need/want extensive functional lab testing, detailed healing protocols written up for them, and/or need significant time spent on their case outside of coaching sessions.

What’s Included In These Plans?

  • Personalized Transformational Coaching

  • Emotion and Body Code sessions

  • NES Health Bio-EnergetiX scan review sessions

  • Ongoing messaging support and behind-the-scenes time (up to a limit)

  • 10% discount on professional grade supplements.


  • 6-Session Support Plan: $1400.00

  • 12-Session Support Plan: $2500.00

This pricing does not include the price of labs, supplements, or other recommended healing modalities. Pay Pal offers 6-months free financing to those that qualify. Pay Pal offers 6-months free financing to those that qualify.

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