Liberator 3-Pack

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Liberator bundle.jpg

Liberator 3-Pack

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Help LIBERATE yourself from past, painful experiences that continue to replay as memories in your head, keeping you stuck in a fight or flight response, and playing out as destructive patterns in your life.

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Its name comes from the fact that it’s designed to liberate you from patterns of the past, bringing subconscious thought patterns into conscious awareness for processing. It bio-energetically matches to all emotions associated with the brain
and appears to remove energy blockages from the brainstem, cerebellum, cerebral medulla, and cerebral cortex. This makes Liberator a powerful ally to the Brain Holograms (which are also infoceuticals).

It also matches with RNA reverse transcriptase, giving it an important role in the process of
emotional immunity. And it has the critical function of linking the matrix (a primary part of the
overall Body-Field), the heart, and the central nervous system, facilitating information flow
between them. Some of its effects may include vivid dreams, increased daydreaming, general happiness, better
sleep, an increase in problem solving abilities, and reduced anxiety.  It also seems to have a beneficial effect on


Energized structured water, colloidal minerals, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium sorbate, and citric acid

Dosing Recommendations:

3 to 28 drops per day mixed in a bit of water (away from or with food; does not matter!).  Titrate accordingly. 

Suggested 2-Month Protocol to Support Healing Trauma:

  • Month 1:  15 drops, 2x per day
  • Month 2: 28 drops, 2x per day