As a result of our own experiences with complex, chronic illness, we are practitioners who have a deep understanding of all the struggles involved.  We know, first hand, how confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating it can be to make sense of all the health information, find quality products that best support our bodies, find trustworthy guidance, and create a roadmap back to health.

Our personal struggles served as the catalyst for us to create this membership.  Our goal is to provide the support, guidance, and inspiration that we desperately needed in our journeys but ultimately never found.  And, because we also fully understand the financial challenges that come with navigating the world of chronic health challenges, we also want to provide access to a wide range of high-quality products, educational content, and our one-to-one coaching services at discounted rates.  

  Our mission for this membership program is for all of us to grow and learn together while also providing tons of value to our members.   Thank you and we hope the products, services, and discounts within this membership will support you on your own healing journey. 

If this resonates with you, please scroll down to explore all the benefits that this membership will offer you!  


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This coupon almost pays for the cost of this membership before you even get into taking advantage of the rest of the discounts & services described below! 

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Professional Grade Supplement Dispensary Access

Fullscript is a company that combines hundreds of professional grade supplement companies under one roof. One transaction, refill reminders, auto-ship, and many more features makes them one of the most valuable tools for both clients and practitioners.

You will have an account set up in our Empowered To Heal Fullscript dispensary with your protocol set to the Viome recommendations. Given there are so many professional grade foundational supplements, you will be able to fill out a form to have any of the products on Fullscript added to your protocol for you to purchase with your 15% discount.

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Members Only Discounted Functional Health Store

Discounts on everything from retail grade supplements, non-toxic personal care, safe cleaning supplies, biohacking tools, and much more! Access to our high level probiotic protocols 

Even 15% off the NES MiHealth PEMF Device! 

Auto-shipping coming soon for all of your favorite health products so you always have what you need to stay on track! These will develop into full services for curated spice 

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Professional Health Product Dispensary Access

NP Script is another Professional Grade Health Product dispensary that you will receive access to with that same 15% Discount! 

NP Script complements our Fullscript dispensary well as it carried a much wider variety of types of products. Thing such as personal care and lifestyle products, animal health products, household cleaning supplies, home probiotics, and much more! 

They also have a much deeper catalog of herbs and other Traditional Chinese Medicine products. 

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Custom Multi-Vitamin Formulas At 15% Off

Complement the precision wellness tool that Viome offers by using your genetic data to formulate a custom multi-vitamin tailored to you. Those of you with genetic reports will be able to submit them for our review and formulation of your custom formula. You can also submit things like micronutrient and organic acid tests for those specific nutrient recommendations to be considered as well. Providing an additional layer of precision wellness to your daily routine!

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Live Members-Only Interactive Q&As

Live Q&As will be broadcasted live and recorded within the Members-Only Facebook Group. 

We will be live using Zoom for these interactive sessions where you can come on live with us to discuss your functional health questions with us and possibly even the other members on the call. Or if you are a bit camera shy you can always watch live in the Private Members-Only Facebook Group.  

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Private Members-Only Facebook Group

Troll-Free, Action-Orientated Group where members can:

  • Freely and safely interact
  • Get answers from others along a similar path
  • Troubleshoot with a dynamic community
  • Archive of Members Q&As
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Monthly Wellness Lottery

We will be marking the 500 member milestone with the launch of our Monthly Wellness Lottery. As our way of saying "thank you" and to show the power of people coming together, we will be taking $1 from our profits from each of our members and putting that up for a Lottery. 

Anybody facing chronic health challenges knows the massive expense it can be to dig ourselves out. So one lucky member will be awarded the Jackpot each month in the form of a Visa Gift Card to help fund their wellness journey!

The first one will be for $500 the moment that we hit the mark. As a community while the membership grows, that jackpot will grow exponentially with time. 



10% off of All Empowered To Heal Coaching Services

As another way to support you on your wellness journey, all VIP members will receive a 10% discount on all of our bio-individualized health mentoring services and group programs. 

We hope that the robust Functional Health Education Hub will prepare you with all of the foundational tools that you need to create a solid framework for healing. 

Our FIRST Digital Course:

Unraveling Chronic Illness: 6 Foundational Steps To Supercharge Your Healing Potential! 

Up-Coming Programs: 

Empowered Mindset Group Programs/Courses:

  • Success Principles
  • Neuro - Linguistic Programming
  • NeuroSculpting™
  • Choice Point
  • And More!

Bio-Chemical and Physiological Reset Programs/Courses:

  • Comprehensive Gut Healing 
  • Liver Support & Detoxification
  • Metabolic Flexibility 
  • And More!

Auto-Ship & Curated Subscriptions

Searching labels for toxic ingredients in the middle of the grocery store and even while online shopping takes so much time. 

For this reason we will be curating a robust functional health food section of our discounted members only store with auto-ship features. This will help support you in your efforts to make sure you always have high quality foods and supplies on hand. 

Many dry products that we all  use are very hard to keep free of things such as mycotoxins over time. Things like spices should really be replaced on a regular basis. For this reason we will be working to provide services that provide 3-month supplies of your most used spices in a kit.

Quarterly replacement of such items ensures constant purity for you and your loved ones. 





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