Can You Relate?

Do you experience mental and emotional stress that significantly impacts your health yet you can't seem to get a handle on it?

Do you put pressure on yourself, fall into patterns of perfectionism or people pleasing, and have beliefs that you are not enough?

Are you aware of the stress-pain-illness connection yet are feeling stuck in addressing this aspect of healing?

Do you have a deep desire to connect with your inner wisdom but don't know where to begin?

Our Neurology Becomes Our Biology!


It took me many years of immense suffering and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on fancy, bio-chemical only based treatment protocols to understand and embrace the importance of mindset within the healing journey. 

Bottom line, deep healing will not happen from a space of stress-based thinking, destructive behavioral patterns, and unresolved trauma. 

That said, I understand how immensely difficult it is to address this aspect of healing.  This is especially true when one experiences lack of understanding within the conventional medical community and lack of support from friends and family.  

The way I see it, it is easy to run labs, take supplements, do detox protocols, etc.  Cultivating a healing mindset and letting go of patterns that no longer serve us, however, can often be an insurmountable and overwhelming task.  Many people, myself included at one time, do not know where to begin with this aspect of healing.   

Mind Influences Body, Body Influences Mind

Research in the field of psychoneuroimmunology, which is the study of how mental and emotional states impact the body’s physiology, has confirmed that repressed, painful emotions and habitual, stressful thought patterns activate a chronic stress response.  

This protection mechanism, commonly known as fight or flight is meant for short-term, emergency use only.  

Chronic activation of the stress response is directly and measurably linked to a weakened immune response, inflammation, musculoskeletal tension, anxiety, depression, impaired higher cognitive function, and ultimately dis-ease. 


The trouble is, without the right mindset and thinking patterns, bio-chemical interventions ALONE are often ineffective in helping us to create sustainable wellness.   We are living proof of this as we did not begin to truly heal until we made the mind-body connection a top priority in our healing journeys. I am now such a strong proponent of the mind-body connection, that Ihave made it a fundamental component of the work we do with clients.  

Most of my clients work with us in a comprehensive format that combines Functional Health Mentoring, NES Bio-Energetix, and Mind-Set Coaching.  I also, however, have clients that choose to work with a Functional Medical Doctor and then work with me solely on the mind-set aspect.   For this reason, I offer mind-set coaching programs.  

Creating Sustainable Wellness Starts in the Mind With Our Thoughts; Not in the Gym or in the Kitchen

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Mindset Coaching helps you to discover how thoughts and beliefs may be in conflict with personal needs and desires, thus triggering painful emotions and creating tension in the body – and in life.  

This modality of coaching teaches a wide array of skills and tools for:

  • Connecting with the energy and wisdom of the body

  • Accessing emotions and interpreting the messages within

  • Cultivating awareness of unconscious thought patterns that create emotional pain and trigger the stress response.

  • Making peace with your inner critic

  • Taking control of your mind versus having it control you

  • Tuning in to your intuition as a source of guidance

  • And much more!

These tools will help to calm the nervous system so the body’s natural and regenerative healing abilities come back online.  This approach can help bring the mind, body, and spirit back into balance so that you can relax, experience greater joy and fall back in love with yourself – and your life!

Mind-Set & Success Coaching Includes a Combination of:

  • Neuro-Scientific Principles

  • Anamsong® Mind-Body Coaching

  • NES Health Bio-Energetix

  • Wellness and Habit-Change Coaching (WellCoach® Model), Which Incorporates:

    • Appreciate Inquiry, Motivational Interviewing, Trans-theoretical Model of Change, Non-Violent Communication, Positive Psychology, and more!

  • Transformational Coaching (Based on the Jack Canfield Success Principles Model)

  • Various Counseling Techniques from my MSc in Counseling and Pscychology

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